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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

This is my last post in this blog.

Starting life afresh here...
Wish me luck in my new endevour and life.  Lots of opportunities there.

Muahz Muahz..

irenewynn went on a journey at 01:57 am
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Monday, May 30, 2005
Wantan dumpling

I was too tired to go grocery shopping on saturday.  So like or not I had to do it yesterday.  Breakfast destination is Mamak Ampang Indah.  While I only had toast and half-boiled eggs, Aiyin asked for Puri and Faiz, thosei.  Leisurely waded through the sunday papers.

While picking the vegetables, Faiz whispered that he wanted to make and eat wantan dumplings.  Hehehe.. not that I have ever made them myself.  Why not give a shot.  I grabbed the wantan skin, water chestnuts, prawns and chicken breast.  After paying for 2 cartloads and one basket of groceries, we headed home.

Oh no.. next stop.. Pasar Tani.  I bought some flowering plants to brighten up the house and it has been some time since I gave Anne a pot to cheer up her kitchen.

Gave Faiz explicit instructions on the preparation of the dumplings' 'inti'.  Had to repeat instructions at various stage of preparation.  Hahaha.. bagi arahan macam lah pernah buat.  Tengok orang buat pun belum pernah.  So.. it was..

1.  Mince the prawn.
2.  Mince the chicken.
3.  Peel the water chestnuts and mince it too.
4.  Add in minced garlic.
5.  Mix all above and add in salt and pepper to taste.
6.  Add in cornflour to hold mixture together.  (I forgot this step but it still turns out ok).
7.  Wet the edges of the wantan skin.  Plonk in a teaspoon of minced mixture (not too much or the dumplings will burst).
8.  Seal edges.
9.  Cook dumplings in boiled water (add a bit of salt in water).
10.  Cook chicken soup using the remaining chicken bones.
11.  Ladle chicken soup over the wantan dumplings.

Albeit missing step no. 6, the wantan dumplings was a success.

It was raining too hard for me to go to Haji Fadzil's daughter's wedding kenduri.  But later in the evening, Faizal came back with the nasi and lauk lebih.  He was one of the penanggar.

Earlier on, in the morning, Faizal borrowed my camera and headed off to the PBSM headquarters.  He was about to receive some award.

If only he is as hardworking earning a living as he was at voluntary work... Ahhhh..

irenewynn went on a journey at 08:48 am
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Saturday, May 28, 2005
Packing and moving on..

Two rounds of packing and heaving down the bags and boxes to the car today.  Am poofed out.  Yesterday was one round of trinkets alone.  Huhuhu... you just dont know how much 26 years of accumulation is, until you have to leave.  Albeit the twice yearly 'spring cleaning', I still have loads to carry off.  Each spring cleaning I will throw out most of the papers but they seem to be breeding quietly in the folders.

On the home front, Faizal is getting an award for his active involvement in the PBSM (Red cross) Hulu Langat chapter.  I just wish he is actively finding work.  He seems to be happy doing his voluntary work and his pc-repair work.  Mana ble cam nie..

Ok.. gtg.. Faiz has finished his class.  I have some grocery shopping to do.

irenewynn went on a journey at 01:55 pm
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Friday, May 27, 2005
At Last..

At last, I have signed on the dotted line and tendered my resignation.  Went to see the GM himself.  Chatted with him.. he still remembered that I am the sister of his wife's dorm-mates in TKC.  Yes, I remember Kak Ryea well.  He (GM) remembered me as the-lady-with-the-long-name.  Hahaha.. whatever!!  Anyway, he told us some things that only firmed up my decision to leave Petronas. 

It was a good 26 years.  More than half my life is spent here.  Petronas is MY family, not just employer.  GM allowed us (me and Mrs Manager) to be exempted from coming to office.  Yahoo... no more waking up so early in the morning (read: can go back to sleep after solat), no more fighting the traffic jams, no more rushing for the best parking on P3-KLCC.  But also no more free internet and phone calls.

So now, I am saying my good byes to my friends, new and old.  Friends that I made in the course of work.  I am sure our path will cross again some time in the future.  Nostalgic memories as I pack up my things.  All the things I got at fairs, seminars, door gifts, wedding momentos; each with its own story.  I have people booking my phone, my laptop and my cubicle.  Ish.. tak sempat2 nak tunggu I keluar.  I have to clear off all my personal files from the laptop too.  Aisey, I have to get a new laptop lah macam nie, how ever am I going to download pictures from my camphone?  PC tak de infra-red. 

Oh err... ada lak orang yang cuba memujuk tak bagi berhenti.  Hello... I am tired of all the questions. 
Why tak join iPerint*is?  That is a year-old overdue question lah.
Why nak pindah?  Itu I punya suka lah.
I nak pindah dekat you and you pulak pindah.  Err.. siapa you dengan I. 
You buat business lah.. MLM ke, ubat2an ke..  Tak faham2 ke.. I dah penat kerja, I nak rehat.

Sabar je lah...

I love getting gifts.  I received a momento from Yongie dari Bali and a momento from Aishah dari London and Philippines.  THEN yesterday, I received a parcel from SweetheartKain ela warna ungu and a crystal bracelet.  Aiyin is so very jealous.  Thank you everyone for cheering me up.  Love you all.

irenewynn went on a journey at 03:03 pm
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Wednesday, May 25, 2005
Anxiety Attacks

I have all the signs of anxiety.  I have lost my appetite.  I cant sleep because I am trying to solve 1001 problems mentally; with my eyes shut.

Having people asking me inane questions in the morning, day and night, piss me off.

Having people ask me the same questions over and over again, raise my temperature and blood pressure.

Having people ask me obvious questions too, makes me flip-over.

Nice people tells me 'not to think too much about it'.  Hello..!!!  I would roll over dead when the time comes that I dont think.

But the nice part is I get to cuss my EX without him knowing, since he has decided not to contact me or the kids for fear of us asking for financial assistance.  Ooppss.. not financial assistance since it is our Rights/Hak.

Cant I just do whatever my heart desires?

I just want to stay home and do whatever I feel like doing.  It could be jogging/bicycling in my baggiest T-shirt and pants... free-hair, if I so desire.  It could be gardening in the hot sun.  OK, so the plants will die in my hands... so what!!  It could be sewing or knitting(?).. Err.. ok ok.. so I dont own any knitting needles nor do I know a knit or a purl.  Maybe it is time, I unpack/pack those books I have hidden in those boxes all over the house.  I should be transporting and unpacking them in the new house.  Hehehe...  That would be fun.  Mindless work.. and loads of fun.  I also want to read and reread all those story books I have accumulated all these years.  I want to surf the WWW; nevermind that I will grow bunions on my ass.  I want to make new friends in that 'invisible' world out there.  I want to go places (mentally) where money is not needed.

Dont remind me of breakfast and lunch and dinner.  Dont forget to eat, eat, eat.  Dont worry, I wont keel over and die if I dont eat in a day!!  I have too much preserved fat!!  I dont want to eat rice.  I want to try all those exotic food that I only read from recipe books.

Dont tell me who should be my friends or who I should be avoiding.  I know you all mean well.  I know you all love me and dont want me to get conned.  But I am old enough to make my decision (dont u think).  And you would have thought all the bitter experiences with EX would have armed me with enough sensors to know when I am being conned.  Why is it alright for a 20++ to have a cyber-romance but not for a 40++ ?  Why is it alright for a married woman to have a lunch or dinner with other guys but not for a divorcee like me?  Am I supposed to shrivell up like an asam boi once I reach the age of 45?

And please, please, please... no need for comments ok.  No need to reach out to me, ok.  Just leave me alone to sort out my problems.  I had always managed it alone.  I am a survivor.

irenewynn went on a journey at 09:56 am

Monday, May 23, 2005

I got Mrs Manager to signup for the Pre-Retirement Workshop with me.  Petronas has this Workshop for those who has plans to retire/resign from work.  Just to seek professional assistance so that we dont waste our time and good money.  Besides that, the workshop is held in our Training Centre in bangi and that means a mere 23 minutes leisure-driving for me.  Meals including breakfast is provided, so.. apa lagi... Hehehe..

First Day : Tried to drive as slowly as I could but still, I was there at PERMATA by 7.30am.  Parked my car just outside the Dining Hall.  Saw that there was nasi lemak (Alaaaa.... :-( ) and (Yahoo...) toasts and omellete.  'Ordered' a cheese-mushroom telur dadar and toast some bread.  Joined some friends for breakfast.  Then I walked back for some pancakes.  Oooo... to-die-for pancakes, makan dengan butter and honey.  Yummy..

Breakfast was like a Computer Division Reunion.  So many old faces who has moved to newer pastures but having some other courses or trainings at the same time.  It was fun meeting them all again.  Baby has good news too.  Hmm.. miss having her around in the office.  Saw my old boss, Hassan who has come back as a Trainer after his 'pencen', and many-many other friends.

Whole day dedicated to Hj Zainal K, who 'story-story' about the business opportunities available within as well as outside Petronas.  Not a topic close to my heart since I dah serik sangat dengan my EX's business endevours.  No... please dont even mention MLM or business dari rumah. 

There was tea breaks in the morning, after the ice-breaking and photo-taking session.  Everyone seems to have some fixed plans for Life-after-Petronas.  Me?  I just want to age 'gracefully', if that is possible.  But I do have some last-minute plans about buying another house and renting out my current house.  Kalau susah-susah sangat, jual jer rumah sekarang nie.

Lunch was pretty-heavy business, cos it was nasi berlauk.  Drive back home was in heavy rain but its ok since the traffic wasnt heavy.

'Someone' was very, very nice to me at the Surau.  Even patted my back.  I bet she would have hugged me, if I would allow it!!  Oooo.. but I know all about your scheme.  Hahaha.. ramai parasit datang bila tahu kita nak pencen.  Skim pelaburan yang bakal hancur lebur lah tu.

Second Day : Aiyoo.. terawal sampai lagi.  Budak-budak dining hall belum siap lagi.  Sat in the Lounge watching TV.  Breakfast was Nasi Goreng/Mee Hoon Goreng and the usual toast and omellete.  Did not finish the Mee Hoon goreng - tak sedap.  Read a book while eating since tak ada geng nak sembang.

Day started with some Health talk and tips from a Dr. Sherkawi.  No.. not the Dr. Sherkawi glamer from AF2 but some fiesty 61-year old doctor.  He was handing out muesli recipes.. (sorry I tak take down) and later a short but punchy talk about our Pension Fund/Scheme after lunch.  Lunch was kue tiaw lakna and nasi putih, your choice.  Went home after that talk bcos I wasnt interested in 'Volunteerism' or the Fitness Programme that was held after the afternoon tea-break.  Grabbed the free tee-shirt though. Hehehe..

Day Three : Oh dear, I would need lots of kopiko sweets for this.. Financial Planning.  But I survived, albeit many trips to the ladies to freshen up.  Oh yes, breakfast today was Lontong and Roti Canai plus the usual omellete and toast.  No, I did not have the lontong.  Just dont think I can swallow benda bersantan pepagi hari.  After a lunch of nasi ayam biasa/hailam and nasi putih, a rather cute lawyer from Bahari-Bahari law firm came to talk on Pengurusan Harta and Wassi'yah.  Learn some new information.. and of course the need to update my wassi'yah.  Huhuhu... dah 5 years old dah.. mostly outdated information.

Just before we left, we were handed the 'sijil penyertaan' and the framed photo of the participants.  Noticed my legs have started to swell.. bad sign of diabetes.  Too much teh tarik and dessert and rich food.  Must check my diet again after this.

Back in office on friday.  Sat down and made my travelling claims.  Cleared some 'voluntary' work and went home after lunch.  Azri came home that nite.  They were asked to clearout from college for the long weekend.

Saturday morning saw me heading towards Ampang.  Need to see the doctor for my sakit pinggul/ pinggang. 

Sunday.. Had a date with Anne.  A belated birthday bash for her son Askaree.  My kids pon dah lama tak swim.  Surprise.. surprise.. my sister from Malacca also came.  Hehehe.. Anne was surprised too.  And more surprise.. Angah (Kak Ngah's 2nd son) also came with two slices of cake from his work place.  He works parttime at Secret Recipe.  Anne was trying to get the recipe for the Tom Yam soup from Angah but hampeh saja..  budak tu bukan tahu.  Watched the F1 race at Monaco before heading home.  Left Khairin to sleep over at Anne's.  Afnan was so attached to his Tatak Aiyin.  (Dont worry Fatimah, this is until his real Tatak comes home).

This morning, after a quick chat with Joe and Atenah, sped off to send Azri to the LRT station.  He has a 10.30am bus to catch back to Tangkak.  I had to fetch Aiyin back from Bangi too.  Sneaked some gossip with Anne, while sending off Huseyn to gym in J. W. Marriot.  Then after the matriach has left the house, Anne and I went to check out the house I intend to move in. 

Mannn... I was having dreams already about buying furniture for the new house.  This is going to be fun.  Oh well.. I can live with the pesky neighbours (read: lock the gate and door and dont answer any calls).  Schools are just walking distance.  I am familiar with the place, and most important, Anne is nearby and not 20 minutes drive away anymore.  If Sweetheart becomes a reality, then there are so many U's and colleges nearby, that he can go to.

We can only pray.. Allah jua yang menentukan.

irenewynn went on a journey at 07:50 pm
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Tuesday, May 17, 2005
So busy.. and KMJ

Of late, so much is happening at the same time, that my blog post has been reduced to a tuesday and saturday post.  But I am still logging in to keep up with all the happenings else where.

Anyway last saturady, saw me at KLCC in the wee hours of morning.  This time with Faiz in tow, for his PMR tuition sponsored by Petronas.  He was quite disappointed because one of his girlfriends could not join in the classes with him.  Wasnt my fault... Her mom was 'too busy' to fill the form and submit to HR.  He also told me that his current 'hotstuff' did not like him to go to the classes..  "Faiz, you are handsome, nanti mesti ada girl lain yang suka you"...  Adeh.. sedihnya, bakal mak mertua ni dengar.  But Faiz being the filial son, went. 

While Faiz had his classes, I stayed in office clearing my stuff.  Faiz's class ended quite late and he was hungry, so off we went to Burger King for a burger and endless drink. 

Arrived home with plans to rest.  Sent Faizal off to wash the car and fill the tank/tires.  Tried to take a nap, but knowing that I had not packed, it just did not happened.  Instead, I took a bath and packed my bags.  Then checked Azri's things.  OMG, this boy is packed to the teeth, meaning he only left the kitchen sink and fridge... Exxageration lah..

Ohhh.. I really, really dread driving down south.  I am headed to Malacca.  Azri is being registered into KMJ (read: Kolej Matrikulasi Johor).  Drove on and went smacked into a 4-laned traffic jam just before the Seremban toll.  Damn... I was tired and hungry (since I only ate fries for lunch) and then I remembered the biscuits I bought for Azri.  Told Khairin to look for the biscuits and we had a biscuit party in the car.  Thought the jam was caused by the traffic going towards the Seremban toll but oh no... it continued even after the Port Dickson toll and only eased off after the Senawang toll.  Nope.. no accident or cars breaking down on either side of the road.  Curses... #@$%^

Reached Malacca just as the evening fades into nite.  But I had to wait for Dodah coming from Muar.  Yes, I am dragging CikGu Mardiah to accompany me the next day.  So how did I introduced her to my sister (I was overniting at my sister's house)?  Hehehe.. Ask CikGu lah..

That night, I had a restless night; could not sleep.  It was SO VERY HOT.. There were 3 of us stucked in the room and only 1 tiny fan oscillating.  The Mozzies were having a feast on me (at least).  Even a cold shower at 1.30am did not help.  And before I realised it.. the alarm went off and we had to get up.

After breakfast, we headed off to Tangkak.  That is where KMJ is located.  Dod drove.  I was sleepy.  Reached Tangkak quite early (or so we thought), but there were many, many cars there already.  Managed to get the car parked.  Asked Azri to proceed with the Registration while we waited, but he was obviously blurred.  Almost shouted at him to ask those smart attired assistants.  Long sleeve shirt and tie, in the hot sun.  Kesian nya budak2 ni.

Azri came back and said he has got his room keys but his room is wayyyyyy so far away.  So can Mama please drive the car nearer to where his room is.  OK lah, Mama obliged.  Had to go one whole circle, back to the entrance and towards where Azri thought his room was.  Azri is VERY2 skema and blurr.. either on purpose or otherwise.  I asked him "is this the block" (coming to the 1st block), and he said, " the next one".. But just as I drove past the block, he stared at it and said "Mama.. block yang tadi lah".  Wahhhh... anak ku.. ingat Mama dia boleh nak reverse the car ke.. (There was a long queue behind me).. tak kan nak tawaf lagi sekali.  So Mama made a quick decision to try and park the car between these two other cars.  Kalau side parking, BKSE ni masuk ngam-ngam, ie bumper-to-bumper.  So what did this KL-licensed-BKSE (4x4, remember) do?  Panjat divider and parked on kerb lah.. apa lagi.!!! 

Quickly grabbed as much luggage (Me, Dod and Azri) and scooted off to his room before any guards could ask me to park elsewhere.  Notorious me.. Huhuhuhu..  Azri took us one whole round and I whispered to Dod, "isnt that where the car was just now?"  Yup!, tak de lah jauh from where I was parked initially.  Aduhai anak ku...  We got to his room, and saw all his roommates where already there.  Told Azri that I wasnt going down to get his other luggage.  HE will have to managed all by himself.  Overheard an anxious mother saying, "Ehh! Bilik ni campur ke?", thinking Dod was the student and not Azri.  Hahahah.. ada ke patut, bak kata Waheeda.  Takut jugak Mak budak tu.  Takut anak dia di goda CikGu Mardiah.  (Sorry Dod.. just can help it.. LOL).  We explained to Anxious-Mother, that Dod is just the kakak and not the student.  And that the girls are in a different block very far away.

Did I say, how much things Azri got?  He had two sports bags of luggage and 4 boxes of God-knows-what, 1 pail full of things he needs for laundry and bath and 1 laundry basket PLUS 2 plastic bags of goodies.  And all the Kolej gave was a bed, a table/chair and a cupboard.  ONE CUPBOARD ONLY..

Initially we left Azri to unpack alone, but he was going at such a snail pace, that both Dod and I decided to take over.  The college provided the kids with bedsheet (tapi dalam list suruh bawak bedsheet jugak!!)  So dah lah berlebih barang.  Azri also packed extra blankets and towels.  Macam mana nak buat?  EX-boarding school experience helps. 

After 1 hour, we managed to pack ALL of Azri's things, made his bed, and tucked all the extra luggage/bags and things on his cupboard.

The other 3 boys in the room were Johorians, one from Kota (Tinggi), another from Johor (Bahru) and another.. I did not get the exact location tapi budak MRSM Jasin.  Hehehe.. Dod and I went over to him and asked "You, MARA Jasin?"  "Ni super senior you.", pointing to Dod.  "Is CikGu Ahadiah still there?  She is my cousin."  And Nazri went.. "Ohhh.. patut lah, memang ada rupa dia."  Hahaha.. small world.

Just as the announcement went again for the "Taklimat Waris", I told Azri I was leaving and for him to listen to the taklimat and sms me whatever he needed.  So.. we (Dod and I) headed to TANGKAK.

TANGKAK is synonym to a kain-ela heaven.  I am sure all the outstation moms will be stopping there later.  But before we started shopping, we had to fill our already-growling stomach.  What else to eat but Mee Muar (or Mee Bandung as it is called else where).  Memang sedap giler...  I was also eyeing the telur pindang.

Then after only 4 shops, we bought some materials and headed back to Malacca.  After lunch (my sister made Soup Tulang and Sambal goreng), we rested and then headed home.  Dod back to Muar and me and Khairin back to KL.  Arrived home after 1.5 hours of driving.. OK gak.

Btw, Thank you Sweetheart for the petrol and toll money.

Story later about "Pre-Retirement Workshop and Reunion".  Tired.

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Saturday, May 14, 2005

Sharing a story that my lil' sista, Maria shared with us.

A Kindergarten teacher has decided to let her class play a game.  The teacher told each child in the class to bring along a plastic bag containing a few potatoes.  Each potato will be given a name of a person that the child hates, so the number of potatoes that a child puts in his/her plastic bag will depend on the number of people he/she hates.

So when the day came, every child brought some potatoes with the name of the people he/she hated.  Some had 2 potatoes, some 3, while some up to 5 potatoes.  The teacher then told the children to carry with them the potatoes in the plastic bag wherever they go (even to the toilet) for one week.

The days passed by and the children complained about the unpleasant smell let out by the rotten potatoes.  Besides, those having 5 potatoes also had to carry heavier loads.  After one week, the children were relieved because the Potato Game finally ended.

The teacher asked : "How did you feel while carrying the potatoes with you for one week?"

The children let out their frustrations and started complaining of the trouble they had to go through having to carry the heavy and smelly potatoes wherever they go.

Then the teacher told them the hidden meaning behind the game.  The teacher said : "This is exactly the situation when you carry your hatred for somebody inside your heart.  The stench of hatred will contaminate your heart and you will carry it with you wherever you go.  If you cannot tolerate the smell of rotten potatoes for just one week, can you imagine what it's like to have the stench of hatred in your heart for your lifetime?"

Moral of the story :  Throw away any hatred for anyone from your heart so that you will not carry the burden for a lifetime.  Forgiving others is the best attitude to take!  Love others even if you dont like them.  True love is not loving a perfect person but loving an imperfect person perfectly

Lastly, it is ok to Love someone even if it will not lead to marriage.

OK, the Floaters received (to me) quite a good offer from our Employer.  Sincerely, this is better than what the previous batch got.  As my analogy goes, I got a "fasakh" from my Employer but the others got a "talak".  Me and Mrs Manager were mentally prepared since we made the request for the 'Separation Pacakage', a month ago.  The rest were quite stumped.  Especially the guys who felt that they were getting a raw deal.  Anyway, Me and Mrs Manager were elated since we were also given an ex-gratia and bonus thrown in. 

Rungutan of "sikit nah", and "ex-gratia pon sikit".  From the guys, "rugi lah 6 kali lagi Buy-Back"Astaghfirullah halazim.. I really pity them.  Sepatutnya mereka bersyukur, Sang Employer even consider giving them this chance of a Lifetime.  Others yang tak di offer, were eye-ing and drooling over the offerings.

Entah lah dunia/manusia.  I am thankful (Alhamdulillah) to Allah for whatever He puts across my path.  I guess I have been through worse, that is why I can only sympathise those who actually believe that they cannot live on a smaller income.  Always look on others worse off than you to appreciate what you have, I believe.  Trim off the fat.  Live a spartan Life.  Others can live on less, I dont see why I cant.

Yes, I know my kids are big already.  But until I leave this world, I am still accountable for them.  I would not let them suffer, just so that I can live a comfortable life, unlike others know.  But that is for them to answer in the Hereafter (Akhirat).

So with that, I have decided to leave 'working life' effective July.  Please dont ask what I want to do next.  I really appreciate your concern but I plan to live a simple life, NOT doing anything.  Well, at least for the time being.  Next year is a different cup of coffee.

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Tuesday, May 10, 2005
Anxiously waiting

Received an email from the office of the GM, HRM.  He request for our presence at Bilik Hang Tuah on 11th May 2005.  Latest rumours indicates that Management is ready to offer us a 'Separation Package'. Maybe that is the reason why, I still have not received any reply from them, regarding same matter.  The other 'Floaters' had a discussion just now.. and they were strategising.  I am really amazed that they are arrogant enough to want to make 'demands'.  Dont they realize the situation they are in.  They are in no position to negotiate with Management.  Huhuhu.. I intend to keep myself apart from them.

Had lunch with Aishah just now.  I have been having sinful cravings of the Secret Recipe ~ New York Cheese Cake and I indulged myself.  Oh God, please forgive me.. Hehehe.. but it was so meltingly, creamy and delicious.. and it was ONLY a slice. 

Also went to pick out a birthday gift for my good friend, and I almost 'treated' myself to one too.

This month, I cant afford to 'make myself happy'.  I am depending on others to make me happy.  Sweetheart promised he was going to 'belanja' me an ozone treatment.  Ooo tq tq sayang.  Aiyin bought me a packet of potpourri, an aromatic candle and a scarf pin for Mother's Day.  I am so blessed.  The brothers?  They could only afford a Mother's Day Wish.  But at least they remembered.

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Saturday, May 07, 2005
Happy Mother's Day..

Wishing a very Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms out there. Unfortunately, I cannot wish my mom anymore. However, I can still sedekahkan Fatihah dan bacakan Yasin untuk dia.

Sweetheart asked what my EX normally gives to me on Mother's Day. Stunned me for awhile cos I could not remember him giving me anything on Mother's Day. His excuse is 'that is not a malay tradition'.

Oh dear, I think I ter-saw Aiyin's Mother's Day gift to me.  

More dreams..

This morning I had a dream. A blog reader from Sarawak, came to meet me and proposed to me. He gave me a book of dedications. My kids did not want me to leave Sweetheart and my friends kept on pestering me to choose quickly.

I was glad the alarm went off at that precise moment.

Oh my Papa..

Dad changed his mind about having company. He wasnt happy when Faizal turned up last thursday. He felt like he was being spied on. After one day of lectures from the Atok, Faizal wants to come back to KL.

Why? Oh Why?

S came to gossip at my place a few days ago. She said Mr.A is having an affair with Mrs.N. I just could not believe my ears. Asked Mrs.N's close friend, who confirms it. Said she is tired of advicing Mrs.N.

Mr.A and wife are such a loving couple. And Mrs.N's husband dotes on her. So why are they doing this?

It also reminded me of another story, that happen some time last year. They were lovers when they were studying overseas. But when they came back to Malaysia, both got married to different people. When they met again in the same office, they took up where they left off while overseas. They were 'caught in the act' and he was dismissed. I am sure the respective spouses knows. She is still working here.

Why? Why do they do it?

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